Design Build Methodology

Creative Abundance Design Build Contractors LLC, is a home remodeling company in Charlotte NC. Represented by a name specifically chosen to embrace what all homeowners truly desire for their biggest investment – a dwelling with Abundance based on Creativity and Space Design.

The most challenging process of a remodel/renovation is incorporating the initial concepts with project feasibility. My experience as a general contractor has taught me that like the families who inhabit them, no two homes or home project ideas are alike. Whether recently inspired by friends or family who braved the unknown with their own projects or motivated by glossy magazine pictures, you’ve decided to embark on your own dream project. Along with the decision to build or remodel comes typical concerns. Obvious challenges include cost, design/engineering, regulations, codes, and reliable builders.

Creative Abundance has developed the Design Feasibility Study. This concept ensures project affordability and customer satisfaction with the final product.

There is obvious value in using a home remodeling company that also designs your projects. This all-in-one process decreases costly mistakes often experienced with 3 party – architect, designer, contractor – set ups. As owner-operator of my Charlotte home remodeling company my involvement includes: Architectural Design, Interior Design, Engineering, Cost Analysis, Project Management, and Trouble Shooting. I am an integral part of the company process.

Creative Abundance is an exclusive home remodeling general contractor in Charlotte NC who consciously retains only the projects we can fully embrace with the passion and dedication necessary for a quality and timely outcome.

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Ryan DeRuby

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